With over two decades of experience in the telecommunication industry, it was simply natural for working on multiple projects in the healthcare industry. Our experience has allowed us the privilege to deploy systems in many different areas of this industry. Assisted living, patient care, hospitals all need patient-centered efficient communications systems. Our fundamental goal is to ensure that each patient receives a timely response to their calls, and that the staff can easily assist these patients effectively and efficiently.


  • Simplicity at its core. Users are the most important aspect of any system we build, and it’s for this reason that the system has been built around them.
  • Integration Vantact’s powerful integration technology, allows complete integration with old legacy systems, as well as a brand new deployments.
  • We love competition.  Competition keeps the industry running, and it is for that reason, we work together with vendors to successfully integrate as many systems as possible.
  • Wireless systems. Using wireless systems allows a simpler and more convenient yet more efficient deployment.
  • Advanced technologies. Our systems use the latest technology as well as leaving it open for future technologies to be embedded into the system with little effort.
  • Two-way communication. Sometimes being able to communicate with the patient is faster, and easier for the staff. This cuts down on accidental presses, and quick notifications.

Their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise were evident from start to finish!

Derrick Bernardo, President, St Joseph Lifecare Centre
Derrick Bernardo, President, St Joseph Lifecare Centre

Case Study: St Joseph Lifecare Centre